Stay with traditional nomadic families, share and learn about their special lifestyle

kazakh nomads

Discover a Different World
This special tour takes you to discover a different world, Bayan-Ulgii is the only Kazakh province in Mongolia. In about 1750 a large group of Kazakhs moved from Kazakhstan to China, then 1844 the Kazakh leaders, Kobesh and Jilhishi, lead 500 families from China to a new home in Western Mongolia. Living in isolation in the this remote part of the world, the Mongolian Kazakhs were, and are, the only ethnic Kazakhs who maintain their pure traditional culture and language.

Summer is a most busy time for nomadic people because they prepare all milk products for the long winter, including butter and a local type of dry cheese.

This tour is a unique chance to stay among traditional nomadic families, to share and to learn about their special lifestyle.

Itinerary Day by Day: 8 day tour

Day 1 Upon your arrival in Ulaan Bataar you will be met by one of our representatives and, after checking in at your hotel, we will take you on a city sightseeing tour and for a welcome dinner. (Hotel/D)

Day 2 You will fly to Olgii in Western Mongolia, about 3 hour flight. Ulgii is the capital of the province of Bayan-Ulgii, the home the Kazakh people of Mongolia. At the local airport you will be met by an English-speaking guide, a driver, and an expedition cook. After lunch we will drive to Dayan Lake. On the way we will see the ancient Deer Stones and Balbal Stones, 6th to 8th century Turkish burial markers. We will arrive before dinner at the Ger Camp of our Kazakh guest family. We will stay overnight in one of the Gers, together with members of our guest family. Kazakh families are quite large, consisting of three generations, grandparents, parents and children. (Ger/L/D)

Day 3 We will spend the day with our Kazakh family. We’ll get up at same time with the family and experience the morning ritual, or even help, in milking cows, goats and sheep, There will be plenty to see and do, such as riding with Kazakh herdsmen, watching how they take care of their animals, helping with processing of the diary products and sample home-made yak cheese and yogurt. Also we will assist in women of the household with cooking the traditional food. This way explore the real way of how a nomadic family lives, and to personally experience their friendliness and hospitality. (Ger/B.L.D)

Day 4 We will spend today with an eagle hunter. The tradition of hunting with eagles goes back thousands of years in central Asia. Summertime is not an eagle hunting season, but the hunters will show us their training methods and you will be introduced to the art of eagle hunting. You will be able to speak with the hunters (through an interpreter) about how they train and hunt with their eagles. You will also see how Kazakh embroidery is made. If you would like to take a few hours of embroidery lessons, Kazakh women are celebrated for their colorful needlework used to decorate the interiors of their gers. (Ger/B.L.D)

Day 5 Learn to play Kazakh traditional games as knuckle bones. Our Kazakh friends will also show us some horseback riding games. After the games, we will learn to make felt. This events will keep you busy all day. (Ger/B.L.D)

Day 6 You can choose to go on a hike in the beautiful mountains around the summer camp, or to go horseback riding, or just stay near the lake and enjoy nature. Today is our last day with our nomadic friends. To celebrate thus we will have a big dinner called Besbarmak, which means "five fingers" since the meal is eaten with the hands. This is a delicious stewed mutton, various sausages, all types of fresh vegetables, and homemade noodles sprinkled with parsley and onions. We will celebrate our amazing stay with our guest family by opening a bottle, or two, of the local vodka. (Ger/B.L.D)

Day 7 We will say good bye to our Kazakh friends and we drive back to Ulgii. There we will visit the local Muslim Mosque, the open air bazaar, the museum and do our shopping, including famous Gobi cashmere and local art and handicrafts. We will over night in a our Ger Camp (which includes the luxury of a hot shower) or in our own Guest House, Eagle's Nest, with ten double rooms, each with full modern comforts. (Ger/B/L.D)

Day 8 Transfer to the Ulgii Airport and check-in. After your flight to Ulaan Bataar, you can enjoy the day at leisure. Overnight in hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Home Stay Tour

Group Size Per Person US$
3 - 4 $1692
5 - 8 $1254
9 - 12 $1109

Included in Tour Price
• All meals during the trip
• All accommodations during the program
• Transport with car including gasoline
• Local guide
• Cook
• Camels and horses
• Permits and fees for the national park
• Visa support
• Local flights Ulgii-Ulaan Bataar

• International flights
• Visa
• Travel insurance
• Charges for excess baggage
• Airport taxes
• Individual equipment
• Drinks and extra charges in hotels and inns
• All alcoholic drinks
• All costs not specified in “Included”

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