The most dramatic and primal relationship between man and beast. Be there!

golden eagle festival tour

Join us for the Annual Golden Eagle Festival in late September
Eagle hunting, one of the most dramatic and primal relationships between man and beast, is alive and well in the remote mountains of Western Mongolia. It originated in Central Asia more than two centuries ago among the Kazakh tribes. Since then, Kazakh men have hunted from horseback with trained golden eagles – one of the planet's largest and most powerful of raptors. Across mountains and steppes, a large variety of animals, including rabbits, marmots, foxes, and even wolves are hunted for their fur, an integral part of the traditional Kazakh clothing.

A once in a lifetime the remarkable eagle hunters and their birds, to learn about their techniques of capturing and training an eagle
During our eight day trip we will join the hunters on an actual hunt and see eagles fly in pursuit of their prey. As the hunters are on horseback, so will you during the actual hunting portion of the trip. You should, therefore, be prepared to spend some time, possibly a few hours, on horseback. You do not have to be an expert rider as mongol ponies are strong, but small, which make them relatively easy to mount. Also, we will mostly walk, and sometimes trot, which are the only natural paces in this mountainous terrain, we virtually never canter.

In addition to the excitement of the Eagle Hunt itself, you will also experience being in the Altai Mountains, one of the most spectacularly beautiful parts of Mongolia and Central Asia.

For a once in a lifetime experience, join us for the annual Golden Eagle Festival in Bayan-Ulgii in late September. The festival also includes other unique events such as competitions between the eagles, horseback racing, archery and great Kazakh traditional games such as Kokbar and Khiz Huar.

This unique trip also offers you the opportunity to meet the Kazakh people in person as you may choose to live with one of the Kazakh families for one or more days, Nomad Home Stay Tour and get first hand knowledge of their unique culture and traditions.

Itinerary Day by Day: 8 day tour

Day 1 Upon your arrival at Ulaan Bataar airport you will be met by one of our representatives and after checking in at the hotel we will take you on a city sightseeing tour and host you for a welcome dinner.

Day 2 Fly (2 to 3 hours) to the town of Ulgii in, Bayan-Ulgii, the westernmost province of Mongolia. At the local airport you will be met by your driver, an English-speaking guide and your expedition cook. Overnight accomodations will be either our own guest house, Eagle's Nest, or our Ger Camp just outside of town, at your choice.

Day 3 Drive to Oigor Gol, outside Ulgii, where we will visit the home of one of the greatest and most famous Kazakh Eagle Hunters. We will be the guests of a Kazakh nomadic family. Overnight accomodations will be either in one of our own tents or in a Kazakh Ger with the hunter's family.

Day 4 Hike to the Tavan Bogd Base Camp for approximately five hours. The landscape around the base is breathtaking, accentuated by Mongolia’s longest glaciers and snow-capped mountains. Overnight accomodations will be in our own tents.

Day 5 Hike back to the Oigor River, return to Ulgii, visit the local museum, Muslim Mosque and Open Air Bazaar, shop for art and then stay overnight at either the Guest House or the Ger Camp.

Day 6-7 These two days we will attend the Golden Eagle Festival. Festivities begin with the hunters parade, displaying their hunting outfits, accessories and traditional dress, and includes competitions between the hunters and their eagles, demonstrating the special relationship between the trainer and his bird. Watch first-hand as the hunters pamper their birds and cheer for them during the competitions. Overnight accomodations will be again in the Guest House or the the Ger Camp.

Day 8 Return flight to Ulaan Bataar.

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Golden Eagle Tour

Group Size Per Person US$
3 - 4 $1669
5 - 8 $1419
9 - 12 $1230

Included in Tour Price
• All meals during the trip
• All accommodations during the program
• Transport with car including gasoline
• Local guide
• Cook
• Camels and horses
• Permits and fees for the national park
• Visa support
• Local flights Ulgii-Ulaan Bataar

• International flights
• Visa
• Travel insurance
• Charges for excess baggage
• Airport taxes
• Individual equipment
• Drinks and extra charges in hotels and inns
• All alcoholic drinks
• All costs not specified in “Included”

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