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life saver cartoonAdvance planning can help you keep your assets from going up in smoke!

"The right plan anticipates all obstacles."

A service for those who are concerned about planning for future long term care costs, but who are unable to purchase a comprehensive long term care insurance policy due to health or financial reasons. If you are in this circumstance then you could be said to be "flying without a net", yet you may have the perception that Medi-Cal will be your fall-back safety net. That might be true, if you meet the stringent eligibility requirements.

Advance Planning is a process in which your individual situation is evaluated, then a plan is created that tries to ensure your qualification for future eligibility while allowing you to retain the independence you want.

Advance a plan to ensure your future eligibility.

Don't make vital transfer or property resource errors that will prevent benefits from being granted!

Steps we take:

  • Evaluate current status versus future expectations factoring in long term care and health care costs

  • Integrate financial, legal, insurance, taxes and long term care issues into a comprehensive framework

  • Clarify Medi-Cal recovery issues

  • Devise a financial time-line and create a written plan formulating goals specific to your needs

  • Assist you in achieving the benchmarks set forth in the plan

  • Document and archive the information in anticipation of future needs

  • Track the implementation of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act regulations which will impact your future eligibility

Remember, with the new, soon to be adopted Federal Regulations mandating a 60-month look back, the choices and actions you take now will determine your future eligibility!

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