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"A good plan anticipates all obstacles!"

Here is a unique opportunity to incorporate your financial, legal, insurance, entitlement, tax, and long term care direction into one timeline and plan.

Now available exclusively through Senior Medi-Benefits, the SMB Planning SafeCare Program is an integrated service to meet your advance planning strategy as a senior, immediate need benefits and trust administration requirements.

As an SMB Partner, you will have more control of your financial, legal, insurance, entitlement, tax, and long term care direction by planning in advance for the following:

A Senior Medi-Benefits case manager can follow the touchpoints along your healthcare spectrum - addressing issues and answering questions about living level and placement, benefits analysis, and insurance coverage.

A Senior Medi-Benefits case manager will analyze the insurances you have, including MediCare, Supplemental, and long term care to find gaps that may impact your healthcare and if there are any, make suggestions to fill them. We can also address any disability or government benefit issues you have or may encounter.

A Senior Medi-Benefits case manager will review your estate, including banking and investments, retirement and pensions, and real property. This information is then compared to an actuarial timeline for an individual or couple to create a realistic estate plan or update an old one.

Nursing Home and At Home Care
If there is an healthcare crisis we can help you stay at home as long as possible, including trying for IHSS Medi-Cal if the income meets the requirements. When necessary, we will guide you and your family through the next best options available.

A Senior Medi-Benefits case manager will consider tax consequences in plan preparation and/or for any current or future actions required during a healthcare crisis.

A Senior Medi-Benefits case manager will act as an Authorized Representative to assist you in getting Long Term Care (LTC) benefits if required due to Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) level health problems. The SMB Planning Service is for both Immediate Need and Pre Need Planning.

A SMB planner will introduce the legal work necessary into your estate planning, to ensure flexible needs for LTC.

We can include the sometimes difficult job of liaison between family members, ensuring continuity and clarity for all the parties involved.

PDF DOWNLOAD: A printable description of the SMB Planning Suite of Services.

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