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T.W.A. Sky-Sleeper Over San Francisco, Bay Bridge, Exposition and Oakland, Berkeley in Distance

Published by Stanley A. Piltz, photograph by Roberts & Roberts

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The Clipper Ship Soars Over San Francisco Bay

Published by Alexander (Zan) Stark

Wish You Were Here! Postcards from the Golden Gate International Exposition is presented by the Treasure Island Museum.
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San Francisco From the Pacific
The Clippers made arrivals to and departures from Treasure Island throughout the run of the Exposition, and continued in service for the United States Navy when it took over Treasure Island during World War II.

Published by Stanley A. Piltz

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The Clippers
San Francisco's Bridges
The Pacific Clipper
Wish You Were Here
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Treasure Island postcard
Treasure Island postcard

Trans-Pacific Clipper Over San Francisco Bay
Operated by Pan American World Airways, the Clippers were the first planes to offer regular commercial passenger service from the United States to the Orient. A small harbor was formed between man-made Treasure Island and the natural island of Yerba Buena in order to provide calm waters for the sea planes to land.

Published by H.S. Crocker
san francisco bridges
pan am clippers
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Treasure Island

Photograph by Gabriel Moulin