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San Francisco Scenes
This postcard depicts scenes in each of the letters that spell out the city’s name. Treasure Island can be seen within the “N” in “SAN.”

Other letters hold images of the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the Clippers that operated from Treasure Island, the Palace of Fine Arts from the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition, Chinatown, the Ferry Building, the Great Highway, Coit Tower, City Hall, the Portals of the Past, and Market Street.

Published by Stanley A. Piltz

Architect’s Model of Treasure Island
This colorized postcard shows an architect’s model of Treasure Island as it would appear during the run of the fair. Two of the Pan American clippers can be seen in the cove.

The semi-circular Administration Building and the two airplane hangars behind are the only structures that remain standing from the time of the fair.

Caption on reverse: “Constructed on the shoals of Yerba Buena Island on San Francisco Bay, this man-made island has been designed for future use as an airport.”

Published by H.S. Crocker
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Official Post Card
This postcard shows a first day cancellation from the post office in the basement of Treasure Island’s Administration Building. It is postmarked February 18, 1939, the opening day of the fair.

The U.S. postage stamp to commemorate the Golden Gate International Exposition was designed by native San Franciscan Chesley Bonestell, a well-known designer and artist. The card was sent by Hal E. Parsons of San Francisco, who had a rubber stamp designed especially for opening day.

Published by H.S. Crocker

Wish You Were Here! Postcards from the Golden Gate International Exposition is presented by the Treasure Island Museum.
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Greetings from The Golden Gate International Exposition
This colorful postcard includes scenes from the fair within each of the numerals comprising the year "1939": The Tower of the Sun, an overview of Treasure Island, the Court of Pacifica and the South Gardens.

Caption on reverse: "On a Magic Isle, a World's Fair has been built to celebrate the completion of the world's largest bridges."

Published by Stanley A. Piltz
Greetings from The Golden Gate International Exposition

Greetings from
San Francisco
Night Lighting and
Elephant Trains
Man-Made Treasure Island
Wish You Were Here
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1939 golden gate international exposition Treasure Island postcard
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