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"Maria's massage is relaxing. A good massage can release tension and calm the spirit…”

Are you new to massage therapy? If you are, you have come to the right place because Maria cares about her clients' health and well being.

Have you had a massage experience that did not meet your expectations? If you did, speak or meet with Maria and she will take the time to understand your needs and develop a massage therapy plan just for you.

Maria's Healing Massage is conveniently located in the beautiful wine country of Napa, California. All consultations are free and you will be pleased to meet a massage therapist who is not only experienced and competent, but one who genuinely cares about you.

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Maria’s Healing Massage focuses on massage therapy which includes treatments such as a diverse offering of traditional massage therapies, head and shoulder massages and facial massages. The goal is to focus on massage therapy that plays a direct role in the clients’ health improvement.

Effective massage therapy aids in the relaxation of muscles, improves the body’s circulation and stimulates body tissue that may be less active due to a sedentary lifestyle. Other benefits of good massage therapy can include pain as well as stress relief. Indeed, Maria often says, “A good massage can release tension and calm the spirit.”

How can massage help you? Massage therapy that is delivered by a competent and experienced professional such as Maria can impart very clear benefits. People turn to massage therapy for a variety of reasons. As massage therapy involves the managed exercising and stimulation  of body tissue, immediate and clear benefits are the improvement of the body's circulation and breathing rhythm.  These positive changes, in turn, contribute to the reduction of  the patients' stress and physical tension levels. Along this line of relief, massage therapy has also been shown to reduce muscle pain, provide soothing comfort to those suffering from chronic headaches such as migraines, and even help marginalize muscular spasms and cramps.

Aside from massage therapy's natural calming of the nervous system, many of our patients often remind us how the quality of their rest and sleep improves markedly after their therapy sessions. Over time, especially for those patients who have committed to a structured massage therapy program, many find measurable improvement in their muscle toning. As water and fiber both play crucial roles in the regulation and removal of toxins from the human body, pro-active management of one's circulatory system through regular massage therapy plays its part in aiding the toxin removal process in our bodies.

For these well-known facts, it is not surprising massage therapy is found to be popular all over the world. Indeed, in some form or fashion, massage therapy is clearly popular and present within all cultures.

Call Maria at any time: 707 812-8723