arts meaning frances j frawley

arts meaning frances frawley

Art helps us to find the way to survive, and to heal, and to reach for the moon.

As a frown turns into a smile and a torn edge becomes a mountain range, our spirits we save.

There is so much love pouring in and out like a well filling up by a water spout.


Art inspires us to greater heights of understanding.

Art changes our world as we change along with it.

All the things we strive for are echoed in the arts.

Creativity encourages us to fulfill our goals as we struggle to find our way.

arts meaning frances frawley
arts meaning frances frawley
arts meaning frances frawley

Art has a different meaning for everyone...

Most of all it's looking carefully and sensitively at the things in your world, at branches against a blue sky,

And the pattern in a grasshopper's wing...

All works of art are an expression of line, shape, pattern, value, texture and color. It is how the artist arranges these elements which give his work form and expression.

Dubuffet worked on a ground of sand and earth, creating scarred and mottled textures.

arts meaning frances frawley
arts meaning frances frawley
arts meaning frances frawley
arts meaning frances frawley

Fuchsia, turquoise, orange and lime colors all around you, in the store fronts, advertising sneakers.

There are no words
or poems to express
how much I love you,
but you can guess.

More than the branches
which spread over the sky
more perfect than the wings
of a dragonfly.

Diamonds on the morning dew
I am so glad to have a friend like you!

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Juxta Art: where the things in our world which have nothing in common come together visually in line, texture, color, shape, pattern, and value; like a cracked cement wall and peaceful stream.

Iconic Objects: a shovel in the sun, soup cans at the grocery store, or a shoe repair store sign. Their inanimate qualities become alive in our vision.

People Working: in a nail salon, police on horseback, tailors working in a dry cleaning store, a beautiful lady putting on her makeup, invite us to share and admire their life, work and passion. We experience the kind and industrious nature of the Blue Men as they clean our streets, and the smiles of the men at the door, as they become our friends, and in our hearts forever. In one city block you can find a dozen interesting visual experiences.

Boxes upside down waiting to sort my costume jewelry turn into a pleasing collage of geometric shapes.