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Red Tape Warriors for Medi-Cal Eligibility

Ilife savern 1986, Arleen Goodwin and Joan Kloehn launched Senior Medi-Benefits by helping their aging and physically ill parents deal with the vast challenges of Medicare, claim forms, and supplemental insurance.

Now in its twenty-seventh year, our small non-profit has grown into a respected service agency which navigates its way through a system of bureaucracies by working to attain government benefits for older, aged and disabled adults.

Our staff cuts through the red tape, meets the eligibility guidelines, and partners with you in the application process. The Senior Medi-Benefits' Planning Strategy makes sure your moves are the right ones while preventing incorrect actions that could cause financial loss!

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Attention SSI and Medi-Cal Beneficiaries!
Learn how to keep your SSI and Medi-Cal Benefits when receiving an inheritance or insurance settlement. Use the Senior Medi-Benefits Special Needs Pooled Trust to improve your quality life.

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