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I'm constantly amazed at her ability to make every home look as though you would immediately want to move right in

We transform houses into homes that sell

Home Staging
We strive for staging that allows buyers to make an emotional connection to the house, enabling them to visualize the house as their new home.

A listing can occasionally benefit from minor remodeling. Perhaps a new skylight can brighten the kitchen or removal of a wall can integrate the floor plan. We specialize in imaginative design concepts that produce the most impact with the least amount of cost and effort.

Interior Design
A one time consultation provides personalized attention to your interior design needs. We define the strengths and weakness of your home and make recommendations for improvements.

We show you how you can rearrange existing fruniture to enhance overall appeal, or suggest ideas to completely change the look: by changing interior paint schemes or adding accessories to complete the transformation.

Color Consulting
Custom colors bring a room to life. Some rooms need brightness, liveliness; others call for warmth or muted sophistication. We draw from our background as artists and our experience in home renovation to perfect a color palette that most enhances the character of the home.

Should we stage? Should we paint? Should we refinish the floors? Should we install French doors? Should we leave it as is?

Our expertise helps you design an optimal stategy to prepare your home sale. A one-time consultation clearly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your property as well as prioritizes recommendations for corrective action.

Project Management for Agents/ Brokers
We manage preparation of your client's house for the market and are happy to take care of any details: scheduling, supervising painters, floor refinishers or other subcontractors. In short, we manage the entire project so that you can focus on the sale.

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